Our services

Our Services

Due to our unique skips and delivery vehicles, we can deliver the skip to exactly where you want it, leave it with you to fill, and then when you have finished filling it, we return and take the skip way; just like a standard skip.

These skips are great for household/garage/yard clean ups, garden prunings, moving house clean outs, bathroom/kitchen refits, shop fitouts etc.

We deliver and collect the skips seven days a week, and you can even requst what time you want it delivered or collected. We can even do same day delivery and collection, or change overs if requested.

The skips and delivery vehicles are less than 2100mm wide, which permits us to get down tight driveways, right up to your garage if you want. We are the tight access experts; battle-axe driveways and townhouse developments are our specialty!

Please advise if you need us to go into a building basement carpark, under a carport or into a garage, as we have a few low skips that can do this (2.1M total height).

The skips have rear opening doors for loading convenience.

Our skips can be legally parked on the road if required. We can also park them on a nature-strip, but clients are responsible for any parking fines issued (we have never incurred a fine to-date). So long as the skip does not obscure vision of drivers, particularly backing onto the road, you should not have any issues.

Our skips will not scratch your driveway and we do not use heavy trucks to collect them, further protecting your concrete from damage.

The skips are rated to 2 tonnes (2000kgs), so can take some heavy materials (soil, bricks, concrete etc.), but are not suited to a lot of this material. As a guide, 1m3 of soil/bricks etc weighs up to 2 tonnes, yet these skips can take a demolished bathroom or kitchen no problems. We have found that most of our full skip loads of household general rubbish weigh about 650kg.

We recycle where possible. For mixed loads with pruning’s, cardboard or metal, we suggest that these are put on top of the mixed load (when possible) so we can separate them for recycling. Computers, monitors, TV’s, microwaves, motor oil, gas cylinders, fire extinguishers, paint and garden chemicals should preferably be left out of the skip (at the front) so we can put them into our tow vehicle for recycling, or left on top of the load.

Please do not place asbestos or fibre cement sheeting in the skip without talking to us first. We can take asbestos, but it needs to be separated and appropriately wrapped.

The tip requires that all glass wool insulation be bagged (not placed in the skip loose).

For our 4m3 orders, we deliver a 5m3 skip with a 4m3 line marked in it. If you fill up to the 4m3 line, then that is all you are charged for. If you need extra capacity, then it is available for the small extra cost to the 5m3 skip fee.

We have rates for up to 3 or 7 days hire of the skip. If you require the skip for longer, a charge per extra week is applicable (if available). Any over weigh is charged based on weighbridge tickets.

Please note that damage to trailers whilst onsite is the resposibility of the hirer (except vandalism), and repair costs will be charged to the hirer. Clients are not to move skips, as they can be too heavy to move once loaded, so we may not be able to get them onto our tow vehicle.